Information on the development of the Safety Requirements with its five stages can be found here. The documents for each stage are compressed in a ZIP file, the English translation of Revision D of the "Safety Criteria for Nuclear Power Plants" (June 2009) is available here.

Revision A; the initial set of documents

Revision B; The documents of text draft version Revision B contain synoptic presentations of the evaluation of all comments submitted and notes from several workshops held in the past as well as the annotated versions as a continuous text for better readability.

Revision C; Revision C of the modules comprises a total 12 modules (former revisions have 11 modules). Compared to revision B, module 5 has been restructured. The requirements for instrumentation and control and accident instrumentation are, as previously, assigned to module 5. The requirements for electrical power supply are now integrated in a new module 12. In addition, comments on revision B received since September 2006 and the notes from the consultants of the Technical Committee for Nuclear Safety had been evaluated when drawing up revision C.

Revision D; Nearly 9000 comments have been taken into account in revision D of the "Safety Criteria for Nuclear Power Plants" of April 2009. From the beginning, the participation of the competent authorities, the Reactor Safety Commission (RSK) and the Commission on Radiological Protection (SSK), the technical inspection agencies, as well as the operators and manufacturers had been of particular importance in the process of drawing up the safety criterias.

Revision E

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