Nuclear Safety Standards Committee

The Commission on Safety Standards (CSS) comprises the following committees:


The committees deal with the development, review and revision of the IAEA safety standards for nuclear safety and ask its members (members: CSSEPReSC, NUSSC, RASSC, TRANSSC, WASSC) regularly to participate in the revisions. Germany is actively represented in the meetings by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU). Furthermore, there is regular participation in the drafting of and commenting on the IAEA Safety Standards Series, which is prepared according to the IAEA manual "Step By Step Preparation and Review Process - Manual for the Application of SPESS". This manual describes a process with fourteen steps from the task (Preparing a Document Preparation Profile (DPP)) to publication, also involving the Member States.

GRS is involved in this process and carries out administrative and organisational tasks on behalf of the BMU. Furthermore, GRS provides scientific and technical contributions.

Here you can find the information necessary for the comment process.

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