DS493 - Format and Content of the Package Design Safety Report for the Transport of Radioactive Material

Status: SSG-66

Veröffentlichung  2022

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Safety Guide

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Background Information

For each design of a package for the transport of radioactive material it is necessary to demonstrate compliance with national and international regulations as applicable. For package designs which require approval by a competent authority the documentary evidence of compliance with the regulations is commonly known as a Package Design Safety Report (PDSR). For packages not requiring competent authority approval the consignor shall be able to provide documentary evidence of the compliance of the package design with all applicable requirements. This Safety Guide proposes that the same discipline of approach is adopted for all package designs, with the scope and technical content set at the appropriate levels to demonstrate compliance with the regulatory requirements.

There are several advantages of promoting a harmonized format of the package design safety reports, namely:

  • It provides a common structure for the competent authority assessment process which can be shared between competent authorities to facilitate the approval and validation processes for international shipments;
  • By providing a consistent approach to justify the compliance of a package design with the regulatory requirements.

This guide is intended to assist in the preparation of the Package Design Safety Report (PDSR) to demonstrate compliance of a design of a package for the transport of radioactive material with the regulatory requirements. It covers package designs requiring competent authority approval (Type B(U), Type B(M), Type C, packages containing fissile material not excepted from the requirements of the regulations that apply to fissile material and packages designed to contain 0.1 kg or more of uranium hexafluoride). This guide also covers package designs not requiring competent authority approval (Excepted package, Industrial package (Type IP-1, Type IP-2, Type IP-3), Type A package) which constitute the vast majority of the estimated 20 million shipments that takes place each year.

The document will be a stand-alone Safety Specific Guide publication for Transport of Radioactive Material.

This guide is based on the SSR-6 upon which the United Nations Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods and, after transposal, international, regional and national regulations are based, for all modes of transport.

This guide does not replace the regulations or limit their application but proposes for each package type a structure and a typical content for a PDSR to enable the applicant, in case of a package design subject to competent authority approval, or the package designer and/or user, in case of a package design not requiring competent authority approval, in demonstrating compliance with the provisions of SSR-6 applicable to the respective package type.

In the event of any perceived discrepancies between this guide and the regulations, the requirements in the regulations apply. The guide does not relieve the package designer from any additional analysis associated with the concerned specific package design that may be requested by a competent authority.

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