DS514 - Equipment Qualification for Nuclear Installations

Status: SSG 69

Veröffentlichung 2021

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Safety Guide

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Background Information

This new Safety Guide will provide recommendations on the development and implementation of equipment qualification programmes at nuclear installations to meet specific requirements established in the IAEA Safety Standards, in particular of Requirement 30 of SSR-2/1 (Rev. 1), Requirement 13 of SSR-2/2 (Rev. 1), Requirement 29 of SSR-3, Requirement 30 of SSR-4 and Requirement 10 of GSR-Part 4 (Rev. 1).

This new Safety Guide will primarily address the process for establishing and maintaining equipment qualification programmes in nuclear installations related to functional capability, seismic conditions, environmental conditions, and electromagnetic interference effects over the full range from normal operating conditions up to and including design-basis conditions to provide reliable confirmation that items important to safety are capable of the required performance for operational states and accident conditions. The new Safety Guide will also provide guidance for the demonstration of the capability of equipment relied upon to reliably perform safety functions in the event of a severe accident at the nuclear power plant. Recommendations provided in this new Safety Guide can also be considered for other nuclear installations (e.g. small modular reactors, research reactors).

The equipment in the scope includes electrical, instrumentation and controls, electromechanical, active mechanical equipment and installation features associated with this equipment (e.g. connectors, penetrations, seals, mounting equipment), as well as materials of construction which could affect the performance of this equipment including containment wall paint and piping insulation. Piping, structures and other passive components are not within the scope of this safety guide because their qualification (safety status) is achieved directly by design, construction, inspection and testing according to applicable codes.

Seismic qualification is out of scope; however this publication will reference IAEA Safety Standards Series No. NS-G-1.6, Seismic Design and Qualification for Nuclear Power Plants, as it is the only existing Safety Guide that provides recommendations on equipment qualification specific to seismic design and qualification (DS490 under revision).

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