DS512 - Borehole Disposal Facilities for Disused Sealed Radioactive Sources

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Revision von SSG-1

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Specific Safety Guide

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Background Information

Licensing and implementation of borehole disposal of disused sealed radioactive sources (DSRS) was planned to occur in Malaysia and in Ghana in 2018, and many other States (e.g. Cuba, Jordan) are actively interested in developing their own plans for borehole disposal of DSRS that cannot be sustainably managed in other ways. It is timely, therefore, to provide up-to-date guidance on borehole disposal that properly reflects current Safety Requirements and supporting Safety Guides, the revised borehole disposal concepts, and the interest in such States.

The revised Safety Guide would provide relevant parties (including potential operators, regulatory bodies and technical support organizations) with an up to date description of borehole disposal and guidance on how safety should be assessed and ensured.

The overall objective of the revision of Safety Guide SSG-1 is to align it with the current Safety Requirements (for example, GSR Part 5 and in particular SSR-5) and Safety Guides.

The objective of the revised Safety Guide is to provide guidance on the development, operation, closure and regulatory control of borehole disposal facilities for DSRS and small volumes of low and intermediate level radioactive waste to meet the safety requirements.

Borehole disposal of other waste types (e.g. spent fuel, high level waste) will not be covered by the revised version of SSG-1.

The revised Safety Guide will cover both predisposal management and disposal (operational and post-closure safety) and their various interdependencies. This is important because predisposal waste management steps at borehole disposal facilities for DSRS are closely integrated with the waste disposal step.

The revised Safety Guide will address borehole disposal facilities in which waste disposal could occur at any depth, but it will not recommend disposal of wastes at depths shallow enough that safety might be adversely affected by inadvertent human intrusion (unless they are sufficiently short-lived and low activity wastes).

Different types of borehole facilities will not be distinguished by disposal depth.

The interface between safety and security aspects of borehole disposal facilities will be addressed to the same extent as was done in SSG-1.