DS502 - Continuous Improvement of Operational Safety Performance in Nuclear Power Plants

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Background Information

The DS502 was initiated to

  • Provide recommendations and guidance on how to comply with requirements of SSR 2/2 Rev. 1 dealing with monitoring and review of safety performance
  • To complement the DS497 which states a need for a new guide on “Monitoring and review of safety performance in Operation of NPP”.
  • Address recommendations of recent TMs on safety guides and lessons learned from recent events
  • Incorporate industry experience and the OE from the IRS
  • To provide bases for future OSART reviews
  • To assist regulators in formulating their approach how to regulate continuous improvement of operational safety performance

Potential areas to be covered in the new SG:

  • Monitoring of performance through lagging and proactive performance indicators
  • Self-assessment and Benchmarking programme
  • Human performance improvement programme
  • Effective corrective action programme and use of OE
  • Independent internal oversight
  • Use of risk assessment tools for continuous improvement

Primary target will be NPPs, but the Guide may also provide useful information to other nuclear installations, regulatory authorities and other organizations in Member States.

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