DS552 - Safety Evaluation of Nuclear Installations for External Events Excluding Earthquakes

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Specific Safety Guide

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Background Information

The new safety guide will provide specific recommendations on the conduct of safety assessments for both new and existing nuclear installations in relation to external events other than earthquakes. This publication will incorporate lessons learned based on industry practice following the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami of 2011 and the subsequent Fukushima Daichi accident. In addition, the use of a graded approach to safety evaluation of nuclear installations other than nuclear power plants and advanced reactors with passive and inherent design safety features in relation to external hazards excluding earthquakes will be addressed.

The objective of this safety guide is to provide recommendations on how to comply with the applicable safety requirements of SSR-1 (e.g., Requirements 7), SSR 2/1 (Rev. 1), e.g., Requirements 10 & 17, SSR-3 (e.g., Requirements 5, 18, 20 & 22) and SSR-4 (16, 20 & 21), regarding the safety evaluation of nuclear installations for external events excluding earthquakes.

This safety guide will address external events in the safety evaluation of nuclear installations for those external events outlined in IAEA Safety Standards Series No. SSG-68, Design of Nuclear Installations Against External Events Excluding Earthquakes to include natural external events (e.g. floods, extreme meteorological conditions, extreme winds, volcanism), human induced external events (e.g. aircraft crashes, external explosions, external fire) and combinations of external hazards.

The safety assessment of intentional malevolent acts is not covered in the proposed publication.