DS547 - Regulatory Experience Feedback Management

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Specific Safety Guide

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Background Information

While IAEA safety standards assist countries in developing programmes and processes within their regulatory frameworks, there is no specific direction or assistance on how to develop and implement management of regulatory experience feedback. In this regard, a technical guidance document (TECDOC-1899) was developed in 2020, however, NUSSC in its 52nd meeting encouraged the IAEA to develop a Safety Guide on development and implementation of an effective and efficient regulatory experience feedback program for regulatory bodies (a new guide under GSR Part 1(Rev.1)). Further, NUSSC discussed the topic of effective management of regulatory experience in its meeting of June 2022 and recommended the IAEA secretariat to initiate the development of an IAEA publication following formal proceedings.

The proposed Safety Guide will cover management of regulatory experience in all functions and processes of a regulatory body for all facilities and activities that give rise to radiation risks. The primary audience is regulatory bodies and its technical support organizations. It might also be useful for operators and particularly their internal regulator/audit functions, vendors, design and supply chain organizations.

The safety guide will further strengthen actions of regulatory bodies to improve their processes and of international community to establish mechanisms to facilitate the sharing and dissemination of regulatory experience. This guide will also provide further information to assist Member States in addressing the requirement for management of regulatory experience stated in GSR Part 1 (Rev. 1); Requirement 15.

This Safety Guide will provide practical guidance and recommendations for the regulatory bodies to systematically gather, analyse, disseminate, maintain and implement knowledge and experience of its regulatory functions and process for facilities and activities, while taking into account:

  • Identifying internal and external sources on regulatory experience;
  • Establishing and maintaining a means for receiving information from its own functions and processes;
  • Establishing and maintaining means for receiving information from other regulatory bodies of other Member States and international organizations, and authorized parties;
  • Establishing processes for screening, and analysing the information collected or received and evaluating the effectiveness of corresponding activities;
  • Record keeping, maintaining and utilizing regulatory experience, including sharing lessons learned from regulatory experience.