DS545 - Radiation Safety of Gamma, X Ray and Electron Beam Irradiation Facilities

Status: STEP 5

Revision von SSG-8 (Ex DS409)


Specific Safety Guide

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STEP 11 Kommentare der SSCs und IAEO-Bewertung IAEO-Zusammenfassung nach STEP 11
STEP 8 Kommentare der Mitgliedsstaaten
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IAEO-Zusammenfassung nach STEP 8
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Background Information

The objective of the proposed revision of SSG-8 is to provide recommendations and guidance on meeting the requirements established in GSR Part 3 concerning the design and use of ionizing technology-based irradiation facilities.

This includes gamma, X ray and electron beam (eBeam) irradiation facilities. The recommendations in this revised publication will also address SSR-6 (Rev. 1) and other relevant IAEA safety standards, Nuclear Security Series publications, and the Code of Conduct on the Safety and Security of Radioactive Sources in relation to ionizing technology based irradiation practices.

The recommendations in the proposed publication are targeted primarily at regulatory bodies and current and future operating organizations of industrial and research irradiation facilities, as well as their employees and radiation protection officers.

This safety guide will also be of interest to qualified experts, equipment designers and manufacturers, and equipment service providers.

The guidance will also be of interest to those who are utilizing industrial irradiation services.