DS537 - Safety Demonstration of Innovative Technology in Reactor Designs

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Specific Safety Guide

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Background Information

This Safety Guide addresses the necessary technical aspects of safety demonstration of reactor designs using innovative technology covering the areas of design safety and safety assessment with the consideration of lifetime issues and potential interfaces between safety, security and safeguards in design. It also covers the specific aspects of construction and manufacturing that are related to the safety demonstration, including specific issues related to the first of a kind supply chain.

The Safety Guide will focus on areas where existing safety standards do not apply or are not sufficient to address specific aspects related to the innovative technologies in reactor designs; any overlap with existing Safety Guides will be avoided.

This Safety Guide will further support and provide clarity on the application of the relevant safety standards for treatment of innovative technology in safety demonstration.

The following topics are out of the scope of the Safety Guide: the consideration of innovative deployment models, operational safety and alternative operating approaches, and the management of lifetime issues once operation has started.

Moreover, it is out of scope to replace or replicate parts of existing safety standards. Amendments and annexes to existing Safety Guides, if considered necessary, will be covered by separate DPPs.

The Safety Guide will not aim to provide guidance on evolutionary new systems for the currently operating reactor designs.