DS534 - Protection Strategy for a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency

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General Safety Guide

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Background Information

The objective of this Safety Guide is to provide Member States with recommendations on the development, justification and optimization as well as implementation of a protection strategy for a nuclear or radiological emergency. This will cover the overall concept of the protection strategy as well as the application of reference levels, generic criteria and operational criteria within the protection strategy.

The target audience for this publication is decision makers (emergency managers), emergency planners (at the facility, local, regional and national level), emergency response coordinators, qualified experts/radiation protection officers (radiological assessors, technical advisers to decision makers) and relevant staff of different response organizations at all levels with roles and responsibilities in preparedness and response for a nuclear or radiological emergency.

This Safety Guide will apply to any nuclear or radiological emergency that could occur in relation to a facility, an activity or a source, irrespective of the cause.

This publication will not provide detailed recommendations and guidance on generic and operational criteria (such as observables, emergency action levels and operational intervention levels) for use in emergency preparedness and response, despite they constitute part of the protection strategy. Detailed recommendations and guidance on criteria are given in GSG-2, which is currently under revision.