DS532 - Safety of Nuclear Power Plants: Commissioning and Operation

Status: STEP 5

Revision von SSR-2/2, Rev. 1  (Ex DS413)


Specific Safety Requirements

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Background Information

The revision to SSR-2/2 (Rev. 1) is to be undertaken within the context of the Medium-Term Plan for the safety standards - in accordance with the approach set out in SPESS A of reviewing the safety standards every five years.

Since 2011, there have been additional significant safety enhancements in the commissioning and operation of nuclear power plants – which go beyond the amendments made in response to the findings from the Fukushima Daiichi accident, and which are not currently captured within SSR-2/2 (Rev. 1).

The main justifications for the proposed revision are the following:

  • SSR-2/2 (Rev. 1) does not adequately cover areas such as: corporate governance and monitoring, independent oversight, risk management, knowledge management, defence in depth during operation, performance improvements, preparations for pandemic situations, control of core cooling and fuel storage cooling.
  • Several IAEA General Safety Requirements publications have been published since 2011 and it is necessary to harmonize SSR-2/2 (Rev. 1) with them, namely GSR Part 2 on Leadership and Management for Safety, GSR Part 3 on Radiation Protection and Safety of Radiation Sources: International Basic Safety Standards, and GSR Part 7 on Preparedness and Response for a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency.
  • Additional insights and inputs have been gained through the development of international consensus on topics addressed in several recently issued Safety Guides, namely SSG-48 on Ageing Management and Development of a Programme for Long Term Operation for Nuclear Installations, SSG-50 on Operating Experience Feedback for Nuclear Installations, and SSG-54 on Accident Management Programmes for Nuclear Power Plants, as well as several closely related Safety Guides on operation of nuclear power plants which are expected to be published in 2022.
  • Organizations such as WANO have updated their Performance Objectives and Criteria in 2013 and 2019. Inputs from WANO and other like-minded organizations should also be taken into account to make sure that the Safety Requirements publication remains relevant to the nuclear industry.


Additional inputs to the revision of the SSR-2/2 (Rev. 1) are also expected from Technical Meetings planned to be held in 2022/2023 and from other Agency work such as the project on the assessment of applicability of the IAEA standards on small modular reactors.

The technology neutrality of the requirements concerning safe commissioning and operation of the nuclear power plants will also be considered during the full review of SSR-2/2.