DS499 - Application of the Concept of Exemption

Status: GSG-17

Veröffentlichung  2023

Revision von RS-G-1.7

Beteiligte IAEO-Komitees: RASSC, WASSC, TRANSSC

Specific Safety Guide

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Background Information

This Safety Guide addresses the exemption of practices or sources within practices from regulatory control, as established in Requirement 8 of GSR Part 3, and as further described in Schedule I of GSR Part 3. It is applicable to all facilities and activities for which the concept of exemption is relevant. It also addresses the application of a graded approach to the concept of exemption through the use of generic exemption and specific exemption. 
In this Safety Guide, exemption from regulatory control solely refers to the radiological aspects of the justified practice or source(s) within the justified practice. Regulatory control to address non-radiation-related hazards may still be appropriate. 
This Safety Guide explains the concept of exclusion and its relationship to exemption and clearance. 
This Safety Guide primarily addresses exemption from regulatory control in planned exposure situations. Although, the concept of exemption is only applicable to planned exposure situations, guidance on the application of a screening approach for decision making in managing certain existing exposure situations is also provided. These situations include those involving construction materials or residual radioactive material derived from past activities, and following the transition from an emergency exposure situation. Emergency exposure situations are outside the scope of this Safety Guide, although the relationship between different exposure situations is explained.
This Safety Guide provides guidance on a possible screening approach to international trade of non-food commodities containing radionuclides