DS484 - Site Evaluation for Nuclear Installations

Status: SSR-1

Veröffentlichung 2019

Revision von NS-R-3 (Rev.1) (Ex DS464)


Specific Safety Requirements

STEP 12 Kommentare der SSCs IAEO-Zusammenfassung nach STEP 12
STEP 11 Kommentare der SSCs und IAEO-Bewertung IAEO-Zusammenfassung nach STEP 11
STEP 8 Kommentare der Mitgliedsstaaten
und IAEO-Bewertung
IAEO-Zusammenfassung nach STEP 8
STEP 7 Kommentare der SSCs und IAEO-Bewertung IAEO Zusammenstellung nach dem STEP 7
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Document Preparation Profile "DPP"

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Background Information

The document (NS-R-3) was first published in 2003.
NS-R-3 (Rev. 1) was published in 2016 and addresses the overarching issues highlighted after the Fukushima Daiichi accident.

The current revision (DS 484/SSR-1) was initiated to

  • incorporate developments related to site evaluations for nuclear installations since the publication of IAEA Safety Standards Series No. NS-R-3 in 2003.
  • ensure coherency and consistency with the other relevant IAEA Safety Standards (e.g. SF-1 and GSRs), and the recently published documents (GSR Part 2 and –GSR Part 7).
  • incorporate the operating experience feedback and the feedback from the accident at the Fukushima-Daiichi NPP.

The scope of DS484/SSR-1 remains essentially unchanged:

  • addresses the evaluation of those site related factors that have to be taken into account to ensure that the site–installation interactions do not constitute an unacceptable risk to individuals, the public or to the environment
  • addresses a broad range of nuclear installations as defined in the IAEA Safety Glossary
  • covers site evaluation for both new and existing nuclear installations

The new information in DS484/SSR-1 includes

  • Safety principles and concepts
  • Site safety objectives and link with SF-1
  • Site suitability requirements
  • Data collection requirements
  • Identification and screening of the site specific external hazards

Other Changes

  • Consistent with the new structure of the safety requirements documents
  • Updating the application of the management system for site evaluation
  • Scope of the site evaluation based on application of the graded approach