DS479 - Operating Experience Feedback for Nuclear Installations

Status: SSG-50

Veröffentlichung 2018

Revision von NS-G-2.11  (Ex DS288)


Specific Safety Guide

STEP 12    
STEP 11 Kommentare der SSCs und IAEO-Bewertung IAEO-Zusammenfassung nach STEP 11
STEP 8 Kommentare der Mitgliedsstaaten
und IAEO-Bewertung
IAEO-Zusammenfassung nach STEP 8
STEP 7 Kommentare der SSCs und IAEO-Bewertung IAEO-Zusammenfassung nach STEP 7
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STEP 3 Kommentare der SSCs und IAEO-Bewertung IAEO-Zusammenfassung nach STEP 3

Document Preparation Profile "DPP"

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Background Information

The document (NS-G-2.11) was first published in 2006. Preparation started in 1990’s.

The current revision (DS479) was initiated to

  • Ensure coherency and consistency with the other relevant IAEA Safety Standards (e.g. SF-1, GSR Part 1 and Part 2), and the recently published NPPs documents (SSR-2/2 Revision 1)
  • Provide comprehensive guidance on recommended ways of fulfillment of SSR-2/2 Revision 1, Requirement 24
  • Incorporate experience on application of the safety standards, the operating experience feedback from the IAEA Incident reporting systems, and the feedback from major accident


The scope of NS-G-2.11 remains essentially unchanged

  • Significant changes have been made in the structure of the guide to provide recommendations for OE programme at operating organisations and regulatory bodies
  • Applicable for all stages, from design, construction, commissioning, operation to decommissioning


The new information in DS479 includes

  • Management system and role of managers
  • Identification and reporting of issues
  • Involvement of interested parties in the OE programme ̶ Regulatory OE programme


Other Changes

  • The title of the guide changed
  • Significant reduction of text in Appendices and Annex
  • References updated