DS504 - Arrangements for Preparedness for a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency

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Revision von GS-G-2.1 (Ex DS105) einschließlich GSG-2 Kriterien (Ex DS44)


General Safety Guide

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Background Information

Current document is a revision of the safety guide Arrangements for Preparedness and Response for a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency (GS-G-2.1) which was published in 2007. GS-G-2.1 supported the safety requirements Preparedness and Response for a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency (GS-R-2), which were superseded and replaced by GSR Part 7 (same title) published in 2015. It complements the safety guide Criteria for Use in Preparedness and Response for a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency (GSG-2) published in 2011.

 The main reasons for revising GS-G-2.1 are to better address how specific requirements in GSR Part 7 can be met while ensuring consistency in terminology and concepts; providing more detailed guidance on a number of requirements in GSR Part 7, such as those for infrastructure; removing outdated guidance or other guidance which has been addressed in more recent EPR related safety standards; ensuring appropriate cross-references are given to various EPR related safety standards; and addressing the five emergency preparedness categories with common guidance.

 The revised safety guide addresses all radiological or nuclear emergencies, irrespective of cause. The target audience is emergency planners with responsibilities to prepare adequately to respond to any nuclear or radiological emergency at facility, local, regional and national levels. This includes governments, response organizations, operating organizations and regulatory bodies. The proposed structure of the revised safety guide follows GS-G-2.1 to a great extent.