NUSSC-specific drafts for comments

Participation in the comment process

During the process of official commenting by the Member States, the public is given the possibility to submit proposals for amendments to the drafts for comment at the IAEA.

For Germany, GRS administrates the process of submitting and forwarding your comments to the competent bodies.

Actual NUSSC-related drafts to be commented on by Member States:

DS503 “Protection against Internal and External Hazards in the Operation of Nuclear Power” 
Draft         DPP        Note Verbal       Deadline for your comments: 26.01.2021

DS517 “Revision by amendment of three Specific Safety Guides on Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facilities as a set of publications: SSG-5: Safety of Conversion Facilities and Uranium Enrichment Facilities; SSG-6: Safety of Uranium Fuel Fabrication Facilities; SSG-7: Safety of Uranium and Plutonium Mixed Oxide Fuel Fabrication Facilities“

Draft DS517A        Draft DS517B       Draft DS517C    
DPP                      Note Verbal           Deadline for your comments: 15.01.2021

DS523  „Development and Application of Level 1 Probabilistic Safety Assessment for Nuclear Power Plants“ 
Draft        DPP        Note Verbal             Deadline for your comments: 29.03.2021

DS520  „Human induced External Hazards in Site Evaluation for Nuclear Installations“ 
Draft        DPP        Note Verbal             Deadline for your comments: 22.03.2021

By clicking on the respective link, you will be redirected to the related documents.

Please note the following for your comments

  • Pay attention to the deadline for submitting your comments
  • Use this form for making your comments
  • Propose concrete text passages
  • Any comments should be made in English
  • Any comments should refer to the relevant paragraph number in the draft text
  • Justify your comment
  • For each comment, use a separate line in the table
  • Please use the following scheme when commenting
    • Insert new text by underlining (example: new text)
    • Delete text by strikethrough (example: deleted text)
  • Please send your proposal for amendments to the following e-mail-address


Comments which have already been submitted and assessed by the IAEA can be found under  "IAEA Safety Standards Series (NUSSC)" .

Further information is available here: IAEA Drafts posted for comment by Member States