DS482 - Design of Reactor Containment Systems for Nuclear Power Plants

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Beteiligte IAEO-Komitees: NUSSC, NSGC

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Background Information

The document (NS-G 1.10) was published in 2004, the current version was initiated
- to comply with the long term structure of safety standards approved in 2008.
- Provide design recommendations and guidance to fulfil the latest safety requirements in SSR-2/1, Rev.1(2016) with regard to:

  • Extension of the plant design envelope (design extensions conditions w/wo core melting)
  • Prevention and minimization of radiological releases in accident conditions
  • Avoiding early radioactive releases or radioactive releases large enough to require long term protective measures and actions
  • Implementation of defence in depth strategy
  • Cooling and stabilization of the corium
  • Control of the combustible gases
  • Containment venting

The scope of NS-G 1.10 remains essentially unchanged

  • Section 2: Containment safety functions and design approach
  • Section 3: Design Basis of Containment Structures, Systems and Components
  • Section 4:Design of Containment structure and Associated systems
  • Section 5:Tests and Inspections
  • Appendix 1: NPPs designed with earlier standards (new)

However specific guidance and recommendations were added in section 3 and 4 for design of SSCs necessary in DECs, safety classification, implementation of DiD, identification of conditions which could lead to a failure of the containment in the event of an accident with core melting, control of combustible gases, rare and extreme hazards, etc.

The objectives of 2015 Vienna Declaration and the recommended action 35/6 of the 6th CNS Review meeting have been considered in this revision.