DS497 - Revision of 7 closely interrelated SGs to Nuclear Power Plants Operation

Status: STEP 7

Revision von NS-G-2.2, NS-G-2.3, NS-G-2.4, NS-G-2.5, NS-G-2.6, NS-G-2.8 und NS-G-2.14.


Specific  Safety Guide

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STEP 7   

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Kommentare der SSCs und
NS-G-2.2 Resolution Table
NS-G-2.3 Resolution Table
NS-G-2.4 Resolution Table
NS-G-2.5 Resolution Table
NS-G-2.6 Resolution Table
NS-G-2.8 Resolution Table
NS-G-2.14 Resolution Table
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NS-G-2.4 Track Changes
NS-G-2.5 Track Changes
NS-G-2.6 Track Changes
NS-G-2.8 Track Changes
NS-G-2.14 Track Changes
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Document Preparation Profile "DPP"

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Revision von:
NS-G-2.2 "Operational Limits and Conditions and Operating Procedures for Nuclear Power Plants" (Ex DS185),
NS-G-2.3 "Modifications to Nuclear Power Plants" (Ex DS251),
NS-G-2.4 "The Operating Organization for Nuclear Power Plants" (Ex DS250),
NS-G-2.5 "Core Management and Fuel Handling for Nuclear Power Plants" (Ex DS297),  
NS-G-2.6 "Maintenance, Surveillance and In-service Inspection in Nuclear Power Plants" (Ex DS273),
//NS-G-2.7 "Radiation Protection and Radioactive Waste Management in the Operation of Nuclear Power Plants" (Ex DS187)//,  
NS-G-2.8 "Recruitment, Qualification and Training of Personnel for Nuclear Power Plants" (Ex DS287) und
NS-G-2.14 "Conduct of Operations at Nuclear Power Plants" (Ex DS347).

The objective is to propose a two step approach for the revision of the IAEA Safety Standards in the NPP operational safety domain. This revision will aim at improving the safety guides in the domain of NPP operational safety by implementing modifications as indicated in chapter 5 of the DPP.